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CERNET International Virtual Leased Line Service

The introduction of overseas database is a fundmental element for China Academic Library & Information System.It has relieved the long-standing problem of shortage of,no access to or lag in internationa academic literature at Chinese universities and institutions, and significantly boosted development of education and research. programs in China.

International Virtual Leased Line Service is a specific overseas database oriented network service, which facilitates domestic universities and institutions in acquiring world’s scientific and technical information. Via CERNET’s international gateway the users can safely access various resources of overseas databases at high speed, getting first-hand information at real time. The service is to help overseas database overcome long-standing bandwidth bottleneck of connecting with mainland China, while improving the accessibility of their on-line resources and consequently enhancing their competitiveness in Chinese market.

Since early 2003, we have been offering the service to many famous overseas databases, such as Thomson ISI,EBSCO, IEEE and AIP, etc. it helps them noticeably improve customer satisfaction in Chinese market.

Features of The Service:

Pertinence: Professional service custom-built for overseas databases’ needs.
High-Speed: High transmission rate between the Chinese users and overseas databases,via CERNET backbone network and international gateway.
Security: Open network administration system, to support security strategies of overseas databases completely.
Value-added Service: Facilitate overseas databases’ effective communication with Chinese users by newsletter release and client notice.
Cost-effective: Affordable pricing, help to get the expectations of Chinese universities and institutions for overseas databases.

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